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How to order luggage for ODM customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
Custom-made luggage is one of the trends in gift channels. Many enterprises will choose frequently used luggage gifts, but they do not know much about custom-made luggage, the following Xilong bags explain to you how ODM customization is to order bags? 1. Clear luggage gift needs custom-made luggage gifts are very important in the choice. In the early stage, when deciding to customize luggage and gifts, our enterprise will know the use of gifts. If we contact the manufacturer and describe our ideas according to the use of gifts, let professional luggage manufacturers make the most suitable luggage gift customization scheme. 2. Determine the design style of luggage there are two kinds of suppliers of luggage design style, which are individual luggage design team and manufacturer luggage design team respectively. Enterprises can inform the luggage design team of the requirements for customized luggage, and they will outline a clear luggage design effect diagram for the needs of enterprises. The two design teams can also design the design drawings of luggage for us. The difference is that the individual luggage design team is self-employed, and the manufacturer's luggage design team is one of the teams of luggage customization manufacturers. The individual bag design team will generate high bag design costs, and there is no factory bag design team to cooperate with it in a timely and tacit manner, and the efficiency will naturally decline. Therefore, it is best to have your own luggage design team to find a luggage custom manufacturer, which can quickly and effectively complete the ODM custom design draft and cooperate with the manufacturer in time. 3. Confirm that we can cooperate with direct manufacturers or gift manufacturers in the luggage and gift industry. In cooperation with gift dealers, we can select many different gifts and get two different gift schemes. Gift dealers are more suitable for customers who do not have a clear gift target and have higher service costs; If you want to choose bags and gifts such as backpacks and luggage case, you can directly find bags and bags customized manufacturers. They can also provide you with bags and gifts customized solutions, which are believed to be more accurate and more favorable than gift dealers. How to order luggage for ODM customization? If the enterprise has the purpose of choosing bags and gifts, Xilong bags suggests that the enterprise choose a bag customization manufacturer with integrated design and production capabilities, the company can reduce unnecessary middlemen fees and cumbersome cooperation processes, so that it can serve the whole process of the enterprise. Xilong bags are willing to serve you.
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