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How to make gifts for medical enterprises?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
The medical industry is a profiteering industry, but in today's network era, to stand out from the medical industry, we no longer rely on various patents and services, but also to please customers from time to time, gifts are one of the means to please customers. The fashion of gifts is full of beautiful things. How can medical enterprises do well in gifts? We can emulate the big shots in medical enterprises--Ke Hui medical and Johnson & Johnson. Ke Hui Medical (Covidien) As one of the earliest medical solution providers in the world, its history can be traced back to G, founded in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1867. Mallinckrodt &Company. Johnson (China) Medical Equipment Co. , Ltd. was established in 1994 and is a wholly-owned enterprise of Johnson & Johnson in China, it is also the first medical equipment company in China that has obtained two authoritative certifications of ISO9002 Quality System and YY/T0288 special standard for medical equipment application. Both companies have outstanding achievements in China, but not only because of their strength, marketing is also necessary, and the indispensable marketing method is gift customization marketing. Ke Hui Medical has been cooperating with Xilong luggage manufacturers to customize multiple series of luggage. Kehui Medical Co. , Ltd. customizes medical supplies for its own products, including small tool backpacks, hand-held medical kits and medical inner bags. In addition, it customizes computer backpacks, briefcases and hand-held kits for Kehui Medical logo. Ke Hui's medical instrument bag is a bag of customized tools with its own medical equipment, such as medical kits, medical kits, etc; However, ordinary luggage is a gift bag customized to thank customers. His gift bags are practical and practical, and each one is used to meet the daily needs of customers, and also promote their own brands and medical equipment, because of the durability and environmental protection of the bags, customers will also become Ke Hui Medical's'Living ads', Bring the image of Kehui medical care to all countries. In addition, in addition to customizing tool bags and gift bags for Kehui Medical, Xilong luggage manufacturers also customize 1680D nylon trolley bags for Johnson & Johnson. This nylon trolley bag is waterproof and wear-resistant, with unprecedented large capacity under its exquisite appearance, and the brand-new color tone and fabric also make Johnson & Johnson shine brightly. Exquisite appearance and practical functions are the favorite of every customer, and will also become the companion of customers on business trips. These two medical bigwigs adopt incidental marketing and free marketing. They use gifts to promote their own equipment or give free gifts to please customers. The choice of gifts is to seek quality and practical use, it is not only responsible for its own brand image, but also a long-term plan to better live in the customer's life circle and promote its own brand for a long time.
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