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how to make a george washington wig for a child easily

by:Xilong      2019-08-11
Some children may want to dress up as the first president of the United States, George Washington, on Halloween or President\'s Day.
Wigs are one of the most important parts of clothing.
The 18 th century man wore a white wig with a row of tight curls inside.
You can easily make a George Washington wig with some simple craft items, it looks effective, and as a bonus, it\'s light and comfortable to wear.
Choose a brown paper grocery or shopping bag, which is roughly the same size or a little larger than the head of a child wearing a wig.
Turn the brown bag face down, the bottom flap face down, and the smooth face up.
The open side should stay away from you.
If you have a handle, cut it off. Draw a squared-
L shape on the custom backpacks.
This will give you a wig base with bangs and thick ponytail in the front (
Long part of L)in the back.
You need to estimate how thick the shape should be based on the size of your child\'s head.
Cut the L shape.
Let your child try the brown paper wig base.
Trim it with scissors to fit the size if needed.
Stick cotton balls to the brown paper base with white school glue.
If possible, the cotton ball should stick to the horizontal row to simulate the curls on the 18 th century real wig.
Place the wig on the wig stand or other large round props.
Let the glue dry completely.
When the glue and wig are completely dry, take a piece of ribbon or yarn and tie it to the ponytail part of the wig.
This will help define the ponytail and increase the real look of the wig.
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