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How to maintain mountaineering backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
Mountaineering backpacks always accompany us to go out in the mountains, in the woods and other places, and every time we come back, the mountaineering backpacks will have different degrees of stains. As a good friend who is born and died, the mountaineering backpack is naturally indispensable in his care. If the stain is not handled in time, the life of the mountaineering backpack will also be affected. How to maintain the mountaineering backpack? Maintenance of mountaineering backpack: If you want to carry more heavy objects during your trip, then we should place the heavy objects evenly and from light to heavy, don't put the weight on the bottom of the backpack. When walking, you should pull the shoulder strap of the backpack and the adjustment belt of the backpack to reduce the negative pressure of the bag on the shoulder strap, and tighten the belt to make the stride bear certain pressure, this can be the phenomenon that gravity is evenly distributed in all parts of the mountaineering bag and the local parts of the mountaineering bag are subjected to greater gravity. When the backpack is on the shoulder, you can first place the backpack in a higher place, let the two shoulders enter the shoulder strap at the same time, which can increase the service life of the shoulder strap. Cleaning of mountaineering backpack on weekdays: After the mountaineering bag is used, it is contaminated with dirt, soil, etc. We recommend using a soft brush to clean it with water. If you wipe it directly with a wet cloth, experienced friends will surely find that after wiping, the surface of the mountaineering bag will definitely leave wiping marks, which will inevitably affect the overall beauty of the mountaineering bag. If the back of the mountaineering bag is seriously polluted, we can soak it in clear water for about 30 minutes and clean it. It is really not possible. We can add a proper amount of mountaineering bag cleaning solution ( After washing, be sure to rinse the mountaineering bag with clear water and dry it in a cool and ventilated place. Remember not to expose it directly to the sun, because strong ultraviolet rays will harden the elastic fibers of the mountaineering bag.
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