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How to judge whether a luggage manufacturer is professional?

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Entering the Internet information age, as long as there are any problems, everyone will think of using the internet to find the information they want in the first place. Domestic large and small luggage manufacturers have begun to take the business model of Internet O2O and show their own characteristic services through various e-commerce platforms. However, the excess information on the Internet now inevitably makes people guilty. Difficult Choice syndrome'. At this time, purchasing personnel need to learn to judge whether the luggage manufacturer is professional. First, through online or telephone communication to judge, after a preliminary understanding of the information of the luggage manufacturer on the internet, if you feel that all aspects are qualified, then you can communicate with the sales staff online or by phone. When communicating, you can ask the salesperson more questions and make an inquiry. If the other party shows a very impatient mood, then don't expect this manufacturer to have any good service. The sales staff of professional luggage manufacturers will listen carefully to the needs of customers and then give them some reasonable suggestions. Second, through the door-to-door interview to judge, if the distance with this luggage manufacturer is not far, you can also choose the door-to-door interview, on-the-spot inspection of the manufacturer's qualifications and strength. After confirming the time for door-to-door negotiation, manufacturers usually prepare materials, such as material cards, samples, company brochures, business cards, etc. Professional luggage manufacturers prepare material cards and samples, be sure to prepare according to the customer's demand intention. If the manufacturer only prepared some material cards and samples at will, then the donkey's lips are not on the horse's mouth, and there is no professionalism at all. Three, through some details of the problem to judge, by asking some details of the problem, and then according to the sales staff's answer to judge whether the manufacturer is professional. Here, it is suggested that you can ask such a question:' Buying a bag in the market is basically no more than 100 yuan. You can order a similar bag here. Why is the price so high? ' At first glance, this problem will make people more embarrassed, but the sales staff of professional luggage manufacturers will usually patiently analyze the reasons and easily solve this problem. The finished bags sold on the market are usually produced in large quantities and the production cost is relatively low, but they cannot meet the personalized needs and are not suitable for use as bags for enterprises. Looking for a bag manufacturer to customize personalized bags and bags, and looking for Xilong bags. Founded in 2004, Xilong luggage is a manufacturer specializing in the customization, production and sales of luggage. It is committed to providing valuable personalized luggage customization services and has won many favorable comments in the industry, good reputation is trustworthy!
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