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How to judge whether a customized men's briefcase is good or bad?

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
Judging whether the customized men's briefcase is good or not can be generally observed from the material selection, structural design, workmanship details, volume capacity, etc. of the men's briefcase, then the following small series will give you an analysis of the judgment of whether the customized men's briefcase is good or not. First, material selection materials generally include fabrics and components. Fabric selection should generally be wear-resistant and waterproof, and the texture should be strong to avoid tearing. The components are mainly waist buckles, zippers, shoulder straps, etc. When choosing a custom men's briefcase, you must carefully check the material of the fastener. Second, structural design, men's briefcase pays great attention to style, and its structural design requirements are extremely high, because the structural design of men's briefcase is generally linked to practical, durable, comfortable and other performance, however, it is not as fancy as possible, and the general men's briefcases are mainly designed in a simple way, which can reflect the maturity and steadiness of men. Third, the details of the work, look at a briefcase, from the details of the work can basically judge whether the men's briefcase is good or not, workmanship generally refers to the stitching process quality between the Belt and the bag, between the fabric, the cover and the bag. When customizing a men's briefcase, it is necessary to check whether there are excess thread ends, whether the stitching is too loose, and whether the pinhole is too large. Four, physical capacity, custom men's briefcase, its size is generally determined according to the nature of its work, therefore, to judge the quality of a man's briefcase, sometimes from the actual.
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