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How to improve the durability of backpacks when using backpacks correctly?

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
Nine to Five is not just you, but your backpack. Your Backpack will accompany you to and from work, and you will have to carry all your luggage when traveling. You can't go anywhere without your backpack. How can we use backpacks correctly? Xiamen Xilong luggage teaches you how to improve the durability of backpacks when using backpacks correctly? The backpack in life, every day when you get home, you have to pat and shake it to keep it clean and tidy; After using it for three or four months, you can work hard and take your backpack to wash and sun. It is easy to collect ash in the travel backpack, so it is inevitable to remove dust regularly with tools such as vacuum cleaners. But don't can with brush head close to the on canvas so as not to stolen goods stay on canvas. If there are dirty spots on the fabric, wash the towel with clean water with washing products and twist it until it is slightly wet. Wipe the dirty spots and repeat it several times until it is clean, then wash the towel with clear water and twist it until it is half dry and dry naturally. The above is the clean work of the backpack. The following is the problem of the backpack's accessories and daily use: 1. The fabric and hardware of the backpack cannot be repaired if it is cut, always prevent from touching sharp objects, and pay attention to avoid contact with chemicals. 2, don't let the backpack load is too heavy, the general leisure backpack (On weekdays), Can bear up to 4- 7 Jin, too heavy will lead to wrinkles, deformation, cracking, and even falling apart, which is a bit embarrassing when it falls apart. 3, often keep the backpack dry; If the backpack is wet or damp, it will cause deformation. 4. Do not wash backpacks of different colors together to avoid dyeing. 5, do not smooth (Patent leather)Put the backpack into a plastic bag to avoid adhesion.
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