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How to identify whether the trolley bag is good or bad?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
Many friends responded that the trolley bag is not commonly used, and it is not used when it is used for a long time. I want to learn from me, how to maintain the trolley bag? I said I said, or choose how to identify the quality of the trolley bag first? Identification 1: material of trolley bag. Trolley bags are often made of genuine leather, PU, Oxford cloth and other fabrics. The trolley bags made of genuine leather have low cost performance and are afraid of water. PV trolley bag is cheaper and waterproof, but it is not easy to expose to the Sun and is easy to be fragile and crack. Oxford cloth is cost-effective and generally uses waterproof Oxford cloth. When buying Oxford bags, it depends on whether their fabrics are waterproof and glued. In fact, the real meaning of waterproof is to prevent rain and prevent the surface layer of the fabric from getting wet with water. Identification 2: pull rod of trolley bag. The pull rod of the trolley bag is made of steel pipe and aluminum alloy. High quality alloy material, resistant to drawing, smooth and unimpeded use. Pay attention to the pull rod of the trolley bag. Do not choose the plastic pull rod. The plastic is easy to damage and not durable. Identification 3: Wheels of trolley bag. The wheels of the trolley bag are dominated by Universal wheels, and the general wheels are made of rubber. When purchasing the trolley bag, check whether there is a bearing stuck in the rubber wheel. The good bearing uses good grease, the material is good, and the noise is low and the pull is light, it is the best match with rubber wheel configuration. Trolley Bag from more than three-point to select selected trolley bag to know how to maintenance good to easy to keep more lasting '.
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