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How to identify true and false YKK zipper?

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
How to identify true and false YKK zipper? Q: How do YKK zippers identify true and false? A: YKK zipper is a world-famous Zipper brand. YKK zipper represents the industry standard and is recognized as a representative of high quality zipper in the industry. It is also because YKK zipper is the representative of high-quality zipper that YKK zipper is imitated in the market. If YKK zipper is selected for backpack customization, friends should learn to distinguish between true and false, in order to avoid being shoddy by bad manufacturers. Identification method of true and false YKK zipper: 1. The real YKK material is thicker, the appearance is smooth, the printing is beautiful, the concave is printed evenly, and the floating part of the convex is highly consistent. The fake YKK printing is blurred, or the stroke is not uniform, and many of them have obvious processing defects. 2. For genuine YKK, except for the clear YKK letters printed on the front of the pull head, other key parts will also have small steel seals, such as the words Y or YKK on the back of the pull head or the pull piece, and very standard. 3. At present, there are two fonts on the genuine YKK zipper: one is the common narrow body and the other is the wide body. From the current point of view, the fake uses less wide body, more narrow bodies are used. If the font on the zipper is wide-bodied, generally speaking, the possibility of real goods is relatively large, and of course, it is also necessary to identify from more convenience. It is worth noting that although YKK zippers are of very good quality, their price is about 10 times that of other brands of zippers. Therefore, if you choose YKK zipper for backpack customization, you should fully consider the cost budget. If the budget is not high, it is not recommended to choose YKK zipper. Backpack customization, choose Xilong luggage manufacturer, Xilong luggage has 16 years of experience in gift backpack customization, fabrics, zippers, hardware accessories, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements, create your own personalized backpack. For details, please call 4000061690 for consultation.
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