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How to identify true and false skin?

by:Xilong      2020-03-22
The identification of dermis can be summarized in four words: touch, look, smell and burn. Touching refers to touching the leather surface with hands, and the leather has a smooth, soft and elastic feeling. The general artificial synthetic leather gives people a feeling of astringency, rigidity and poor softness. It is observed with eyes that the surface of the dermis has clearer pores and patterns, the yellow leather has more well-proportioned pores, the consumption of the cowhide has thicker and sparse pores, and the pores of the goat skin are fish scales. Sniffing is to smell the smell of leather with the nose. The leather has the smell of leather, while the artificial leather has a strong plastic smell. Burning refers to the use of fire, after the ignition of the pungent smell and the formation of the knot is artificial leather; The dermis is the one that gives off the smell of hair and does not have hard pimples.
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