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How to identify the sewing process of kindergarten schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
Today's kindergartens all have their own brands and brand representatives, such as unified kindergarten clothes, kindergarten badges and kindergarten schoolbags. The quality of kindergarten schoolbags is the physical development of the children, so kindergarten teachers and directors attach great importance to the quality of kindergarten schoolbags, especially the service life. The essential difference between each manufacturer in choosing a customized kindergarten schoolbag lies in its rich experience and exquisite workmanship. Then when we choose which kindergarten schoolbag manufacturer, we can ask each schoolbag manufacturer to send a schoolbag sample, judging the process guarantee of the factory from the process of schoolbag samples. How to identify the sewing process of kindergarten schoolbags? Identification of the appearance quality of a kindergarten schoolbag: 1. There is no clear weave in the appearance of the kindergarten schoolbag. 2. Is there any color difference and fabric in the primary sewing part of the kindergarten schoolbag? Slip', Fabric'Arrange Silk'Wait. 3. Pay attention to the texture of all kinds of accessories and decorations on the kindergarten schoolbag, such as whether the zipper can be smooth, whether the handle can be strong, whether the logo is elastic, etc. Second, the kindergarten bag sewing quality identification: 1. Visually check whether the sewing lines of the primary parts of the kindergarten schoolbag can be straight and whether the stitching can be flat. 2. Check whether the left and right symmetrical parts of the kindergarten bag are consistent, whether the fixing strip of the bag is strong, and whether the lining in the bag can withstand the tests of pulling and bearing.
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