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How to identify PC luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
At present, the mainstream luggage case materials on the market are mainly ABS, pc abs and PC/cloth. The earliest popular hard case is ABS. With the increasing update of science and technology, the hard case itself begins to be mixed with PC because it is relatively heavy. The results show that it is lighter and more durable, and its firmness remains unchanged. Before long, PC was even reformed and applied to high-end projects. Generally, the raw materials of luggage case are made of ABS resin, PC resin and aluminum alloy. ABS resin is a common engineering plastic. PC is polycarbonate resin and is also a common engineering plastic. The density of ABS is 1. About 05, while the density of PC resin is 1. About 20, so ABS has better flexibility. PC hardness is larger, heat resistance is higher, not resistant to organic solvents. The pressure resistance of PC luggage case can still meet the use requirements under general transportation conditions, but it will produce elastic deformation under local heavy pressure. The specific need for pressure resistance or crack resistance depends on your use conditions, such as the main clothes and other items that are not afraid of pressure, and the crack resistance is more important in the case of rough handling during transportation; If there are fragile products with large volume in the shipped items, the pressure resistance is more important. The production cost of pure PC is very high, so most luggage case is made of ABS material. In general, pc abs and pure PC are gimmicks, but their advantages are absolute king status and cannot be shaken. If you are an enterprise and want to choose luggage case as a business gift or member gift, you can choose our Xilong luggage customization. Xilong luggage has been focusing on luggage customization for 12 years. It is an old brand luggage factory in Guangdong with strong production strength, the workshop is fully equipped and the products are fashionable. With integrity, strength and product quality, it has been recognized by the industry. It is a luggage manufacturer that you deserve to entrust!
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