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How to easily choose a suitable mountaineering backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Mountaineering activities are those who are willing to leave the well-fed and well-fed technological society and bravely live a primitive life on the road, but we have high-tech supplies for human beings under the ecological environment, the mountaineering bag is an important bag for high-tech. However, if you choose a close-fitting mountaineering bag, you must choose your own suitable one. How can you easily choose your own mountaineering backpack? The following three steps will make it easy for you to choose. 1. Clear the type of travel, we go to travel is usually big planning, small planning, therefore, we should clearly know the seasonal environment of our trip, the terrain and climate of our destination, and the travel time, that is, the activities we will participate in during the trip, A clear understanding can also determine some of the things we need to bring. 2. Decide the basic type of mountaineering backpack. If you feel that there are fewer items and you want to travel easily, choose a soft mountaineering backpack. The soft mountaineering backpack is medium and small in size, without any internal and external supports and a good outdoor carrying system, which is an ordinary backpack. There are two kinds of professional mountaineering backpacks, one is the outer support mountaineering backpack, which has a very strong outer support, it plays a good supporting role between the backpack and your shoulders and buttocks. More evenly share the weight between your shoulders and hips, making it more comfortable to carry, suitable for easy walking on flat or moderately difficult roads, with a large storage capacity. The second kind of inner bracket mountaineering backpack, this kind of backpack moves the bracket to the inside of the backpack, making the bracket and the backpack more closely integrated. At the same time, it is better to distribute the weight between your shoulders and hips. The mountaineering Backpack makes the body more comfortable, the center of gravity more stable, and the activity more comfortable, but the storage capacity is less than the outer support mountaineering backpack. 3. Choose the craft of mountaineering backpack. Mountaineering backpack is a sojourn for personal belongings. We are in a field store. Therefore, the choice of mountaineering backpack technology is very important. First of all, the key to whether the mountaineering backpack can be strong and durable lies in the materials, especially whether the stitches at the pulling edge are firm and whether there are reinforced straps, strap buckles and bottom. Judging from the webbing, the price of ordinary webbing and high-quality webbing can be 3- The bearing capacity of the webbing chosen by 5 times BIGPACK is over 200. Seen from the coating, the low-grade backpack is mostly coated with PVC, which will harden when it is cold, while the high-grade backpack is mostly coated with PU fabric, and its hardness has no obvious change when it is cold, the waterproof degree of the fabric coated with Pu for four times can reach more than 1500MM. At present, brand-name backpacks on the market are more exquisite in materials and have better performance and quality. From the perspective of waterproofness, it is inevitable that it will rain or others will water your bag, so a good mountaineering backpack should certainly have strong waterproof performance. Although you can cover your bag with a rainproof cover or wear a raincoat that is large enough to cover your backpack, it is inevitable that your bag will still encounter the problem of wetting the backpack. Waterproof is not related to the HD number of fabrics (The higher the number of HD, the better the waterproofness), More importantly, the waterproof coating in the fabric. In fact, the choice of mountaineering backpack depends entirely on ourselves, so we can choose the most suitable mountaineering backpack if we want to know our travel needs. If there are groups of mountaineering groups, Xilong bags feel that the head of the team can save time and benefit for everyone, customize a batch of mountaineering backpacks suitable for this event, and also promote their group image.
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