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How to distinguish whether the luggage manufacturer's workmanship is good or bad?

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
Want to Know luggage is an essential practical product in life, no matter in any occasion can play a role. Luggage can not only reflect the commemorative significance, but also have strong practicability. So how to distinguish whether the luggage manufacturer's workmanship is good or bad when the luggage manufacturer customizes the luggage in batches? 1, pay attention to the overall shape of the bag. In the process of making bags and suitcases, the quality of opening materials will directly affect the shape of bags and suitcases, and the countertops are basically made by hand. In the production process of bags, manual technology accounts for a high proportion. Therefore, from the shape of the luggage, the level of the production process of the luggage manufacturer can be roughly judged. 2, check the quality of the lining. Here we have to talk about the lining and function slot of the bag. If the lining is not glued to the car line, then you will find that the entire bag function slot position and the lining are not glued, skewed, etc, it makes it difficult to put things in, which will affect the quality and beauty of the whole bag. 3, observe the fabric of the car line. The car line is the most important production link to reflect the quality of luggage. When observing the fabric line, first of all, it depends on whether the line is straight, and then the tightness of the line. The quality of double-line luggage is often better. The above three points are an important part of distinguishing whether the workmanship is good or bad, and they are also the simplest in inspection. Of course, many manufacturers will have special quality inspection during production, however, there are very few such manufacturers. Generally, medium-sized or large factories will have production quality inspection. However, there are professional quality inspection personnel for Xilong bags from purchasing materials to shipping, let you rest assured that you can customize bags in Xilong.
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