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How to distinguish the true and false of pure pc luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-03-30
PC luggage case is one of the hard luggage case, and he is also the most pure and durable in hard luggage case. The pure quality here refers to 100% pure PC, then how to verify whether this luggage case is 100% pure PC luggage case? 1. The appearance of pure PC luggage case is bright in color and high in gloss. This feature is derived from its own material effect, which makes it produce shiny surface and dazzling color. 2. The weight of pure PC luggage case and the material of pure PC luggage case are not mixed with other materials, and they are the replacement version of traditional ABS materials, saying goodbye to ABS'Hard, heavy, brittle', Its pure PC luggage case is lighter and has high toughness. 3. Pure PC luggage case'Not wear-resistant' Pure PC luggage case belongs to hard luggage case, and the biggest disadvantage of hard luggage case is that it is not wear-resistant, but pure PC luggage case can face it generously because it is different from other cases. Pure PC luggage case has traces when it encounters scratches, but no matter how long the scratches are, the color of the scratches is consistent with the color of the box, this is also the reason why he is on the high side of the price and other boxes. How can such excellent luggage case make us willing to let go, and to choose pure PC luggage case, we must remember these points to prevent being cheated, especially those luggage case stalls in large supermarket squares, generally, pure PC luggage case, 20-inch is about 250 (Excluding other luggage case configurations). If you are an enterprise and want to choose PC luggage case as a business gift/member gift, you can choose luggage customization, personalized customization and superior price.
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