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How to distinguish between true and false custom-made leather bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
To order leather bags, one must first understand leather and first master how to distinguish between true and false. 'Genuine Leather' The most common words in the leather products industry are also a kind of customary name for genuine leather that people distinguish synthetic leather. There are many kinds of genuine leather and different qualities, so the prices are also very different. The smooth skin in leather is used in many leather products because the smooth skin has good tensile strength, dirt resistance, wear resistance and good air permeability. Suede is not only elegant and elegant in appearance, but also has good air permeability, but the deficiency is that it is easy to be dirty and difficult to maintain, especially in bad environment, suede is easy to absorb dust, after encountering water, the fluff will fall again. There is a kind of leather called modified leather, which is processed and painted on the leather surface, and it can be pressed on different lines. Some of the coated leather materials are thick and have poor wear resistance and air permeability, so it is best to choose smooth leather. We identify the authenticity of leather bags and can use'Hand feeling','Eye View'And'Taste'Distinguish. 'Hand feeling': Touch the leather surface by hand if it is smooth (The grain surface is processed into thick skin) , Soft, plump and elastic feeling is genuine leather; 'Eye View' : It is mainly used to identify the type of leather and the quality of leather grain. It is observed that the surface of the dermis has obvious pores and patterns, while the synthetic leather also imitates pores, but it's not clear. 'Taste' : The dermis is a raw animal skin, so even if it is processed, it will still have a natural taste. If there is a pungent, it may be synthetic leather, or it may be poorly handled during the tanning process and the use of certain chemical raw materials exceeds the standard. Understand the basic knowledge of leather and prepare for the customization of leather bags, so that you can better negotiate and communicate with leather luggage manufacturers. Xilong bags can be customized for you according to your style and material. It provides bags and gifts for Baidu, TCL, CNOOC and other well-known enterprises all the year round. It is your trustworthy bag manufacturer.
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