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How to distinguish between customized leather bags and artificial leather bags

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
Luggage customization is the gift industry that every enterprise will choose at present, which also makes the authenticator need to know more about the luggage products to verify whether it is good or bad, however, there are still some enterprises who can't distinguish the difference of bag cortex. In today's era of advanced science and technology, it is difficult to distinguish artificial leather from genuine leather, if you are familiar with and flexibly combine all identification methods to distinguish, you will know the difference. However, the leather identification method for finished bags is increased, and it is best to refer to the following methods for identification. 1. The water drop verification method shows that the surface of the dermis has good water absorption. The inspection method is to dip some water with your fingers and wipe it on the surface of the luggage to observe the water absorption of the luggage. If there is infiltration, it is the dermis, the artificial leather is waterproof, which will leave the water droplets on the surface. 2. Hand feeling identification method both genuine leather and artificial leather have good softness, but leather is the only one with elasticity. The inspection method is to use the fingers to lower the bag 90 degrees from the surface. After releasing the hand, the bag surface will naturally appear natural wrinkles, and then the same method will be used to hold different parts, the thickness of the creases produced is obviously uneven, which can be basically recognized as dermis, because dermis has natural uneven fibrous tissue, and all the wrinkles formed will also be obviously uneven. Although artificial leather is soft, it is more delicate and smooth without the feeling of genuine leather. If the above method is used, the recovery of wrinkles is poor and the thickness of wrinkles is almost similar. 3. Odor verification method, the luggage made of genuine leather will still have a strong leather smell even after processing, and the taste is more obvious, while the artificial leather will have a plastic smell, or it is tasteless, it's easy to identify. 4. The method of combustion identification is mainly to smell and see. The smell of genuine leather burning has a strong smell of fur, while artificial leather has an unpleasant smell of plastic. The Ashes after the burning of the dermis are generally fragile and powdery, while the flame of the artificial leather is relatively prosperous after burning, the combustion shrinks rapidly, and then it becomes sticky. After cooling, it becomes hard and becomes a block. The above four points can best distinguish the difference between genuine leather and artificial leather luggage products. Combustion is the most direct, objective and extreme means. If it is not a special case, the differences between the two can be distinguished according to the above three points.
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