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How to design a custom camera bag to be practical?

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
There are many kinds of camera bags. To customize a good camera bag is actually a job with high technical content. Xilong luggage combines more than ten years of luggage customization experience to talk about the design concept of customized camera bags, hoping to provide some reference and inspiration to customers and those who want to customize camera bags. 1. Design point 1: protection. The primary task of the camera bag is to protect the photographic equipment, so the protection is the first factor to consider. The three different properties of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof are the protection that a camera bag should have. Waterproof and dustproof are to test the tightness of the camera bag and the barrier of the material, so pay attention to the material selection and technology of the camera bag; The shockproof function mainly lies in the internal material. It is necessary to select diving materials, PE cotton materials, etc. to prevent bumps. The choice is right, the protection is strong, and it is more convenient to travel to the mountains and seas. 2. Design point 2: flexibility. The second element of the customized camera bag is the convenience to take the equipment. The flexibility of the waist bag type and the shoulder bag type is higher than that of the shoulder camera bag. However, small camera bags have less storage, which is a common contradiction, so you can choose a large shoulder camera bag with several small camera bags inside, so you can choose cameras according to different environmental needs, it can also reduce the burden appropriately. 3. Design point 2: comfort. Comfort generally refers to the carrying system, mainly including shoulder straps, belt system and portable type, which requires flexible and durable straps and no body pressing. In addition, there are some details, such as the configuration of zipper and buckle. Most of the shoulder camera bags usually have a soft sponge lining on the back. This design is mainly to effectively disperse the weight, reduce the sense of load and increase comfort when carrying heavy things. The protection, flexibility and comfort of the customized camera bag will be more suitable, and the protection effect on the camera components is very good. To design a camera bag, it is best to choose a strong luggage designer to tailor it for you. If you are still looking, you can contact Xilong luggage.
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