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How to customize the high-end gift boarding box?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Corporate gifts are the spokesmen of corporate image, which must show the corporate culture or business characteristics of the company and show the status of the enterprise; Enterprise gift is also a kind of confession, a kind of publicity, in line with the business gifts can create a long-term and deep impression in the minds of customers, choose high-end gifts not only to please customers, it can better show the image and status of the enterprise. However, now many high-end gifts are flashy things, and many of those high-end gifts are sky-high, except that high-end gifts are the most practical and practical high-end gifts, how to customize the high-end gift boarding box? 1. Basic style of gift boarding box. The styles chosen for the gift boarding box are all business types, taking Xilong luggage boarding box as an example. The material used in the high-grade gift boarding case of Xilong luggage is practical 1680D black oxford cloth, and the flexible Eva board is used to stabilize the box to make it tall and straight; The internal structure is reasonably distributed, including thickened PE cotton computer layer, simple document layer and breathable zipper net bag; Designed for business people, it is a practical travel boarding box. 2. Gift boarding box style details. The styles of gift boarding boxes are similar in the market, but not every boarding box can compare with each other in detail. The customized high-end gift boarding box should select the super smooth thickened and bold aluminum alloy pull rod so that it does not need to worry about the embarrassment of breaking and the failure of travel; The built-in unidirectional wheel can be customized with high-density flexible compound plastic, with high wear resistance, flexibility and other characteristics, flexible rotation and easy tension. In addition, the bottom of the customized box for high-end gift boarding box needs to be fixed with multiple rivets, so that the bag body has stronger bearing capacity and is safer and firmer to use. The gift from the heart is the best gift, so the value of the gift cannot be measured by its price. The key depends on the meaning given to the gift. A good gift does not lie in its own luxury and expensive, the key is that it contains the deep feeling of the giver, and they can touch the other person's heart most. High-end gift boarding box customization should be carefully customized from the boarding box style and details. One is for customer satisfaction, and more importantly, to enhance the company's image status, and it can borrow the durability and practicability of high-end gifts to enter the circle of friends of customers and indirectly promote the brand image of the enterprise.
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