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How to customize outdoor shoulder photography bag professionally?

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
When traveling is becoming more and more a living habit, the journey of taking a camera and walking seems to become a fashion. However, outdoor photography always encounters a problem, that is, how to easily carry heavy photographic equipment. Therefore, the camera bag is one of the essential equipment. With the rise of personalized luggage customization, camera bag customization is becoming more and more popular. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of commonly used camera bags, one is a one-shoulder camera bag and the other is a two-shoulder camera bag. One-shoulder photography can not pack too much equipment, suitable for use in nearby shooting places. If you go to the outer suburbs for photography or mountaineering photography, the shoulder camera bag is one of the necessary equipment. So, how to professionally customize outdoor shoulder camera bags? When looking for a manufacturer to customize an outdoor shoulder camera bag, the capacity of the camera bag is one of the factors that must be considered. Going out for photography often requires carrying a lot of equipment, so the capacity is an important standard to measure whether a camera bag is practical. At the same time, customizing outdoor double shoulder camera bags should also consider the difference in space required by different equipment, so as to reasonably design internal storage pockets for sorting and placing various equipment. Portable and practical is the core standard for evaluating the quality of a camera package. If you are uncomfortable, it is really a very painful thing. Therefore, the custom outdoor shoulder camera bag should pay attention to the carrying system of the camera bag. The straps of the camera bag should be as wide and thick as possible, and at the same time it should have an exhaust effect, which is helpful for the pressure of the shoulder. In addition, the camera bag should also be equipped with a chest strap and a belt to share the shoulder weight through a strong chest strap and a belt. The most worrying thing about photography outside is the rainy weather. When it rains, we should not only consider the protection of equipment, but also worry about the waterproof problem of the camera bag. If the camera bag enters the water, then it is definitely a devastating blow to the internal equipment and accessories. In order to solve such problems, the customized outdoor double shoulder camera bag should be made of fabric with good waterproof performance and should also be equipped with rain cover. Custom outdoor shoulder camera bag looking for Xilong bags, we were founded in 2004, with independent research and development, design, production capacity, professional OEM custom camera bag, and provide customized services to map and sample, focusing on luggage customization for 12 years, the quality and quotation are better, and it is a trustworthy manufacturer!
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