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How to customize kindergarten schoolbags in kindergartens?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
The first time children leave their parents is when they go to kindergarten. When every parent chooses a kindergarten for his child, he either hears the recommendation of other mothers or sees the advertisement of the kindergarten on the surrounding area, and the most convincing thing for parents is the kindergarten bag on the child. How can kindergartens customize kindergarten schoolbags? There are three options for customizing a good kindergarten bag, including ordinary shoulder bags, technical safety bags and pull-rod bags of different styles. The three are very different in material, style and price. Shoulder bag is the most common kind of bag, custom shoulder bag is better than shoulder bag. Because children are in the growth and development period, custom-made backpacks can better protect children's bodies. If the shoulder bandwidth is a little, the pressure to accept will be smaller. In addition to the requirements of the shoulder strap, the backpack should not choose the material with excessive taste in the material, such as the color is too bright, the child's resistance is small, it is easy to accident. Cost-effective five stars, attractive, three stars. The safety schoolbag is a backpack with special functions. Customized safety bags should have safety positioning function and other related functions, such as calling, monitoring and other functions. On the whole, it is still very practical. Children carry safe schoolbags, so parents can know their children's current situation through schoolbags and can also talk to their children through schoolbags. Some safety schoolbags also have intelligent safety systems, which strongly warn passing vehicles 30 meters away when students cross the road, effectively preventing traffic accidents, and can be equipped with GPS positioning systems, parents can find the exact location of their children in a text message. Cost performance, three stars, attraction, five stars. In addition to these two kinds of schoolbags, trolley schoolbags are the types of schoolbags that have emerged recently. This kind of schoolbag looks like a luggage case with wheels at the bottom, whether it is pulled or carried. The biggest advantage of the trolley bag is that it can reduce the weight of the children's back. However, it is not suitable for kindergarten students to use pull-rod schoolbags, because children are in the growth and development period, with strong bone plasticity and soft spine. If children only use one hand to pull schoolbags for a long time, one side of the spine will be stressed, the possibility of scoliosis is not ruled out. Cost-effective four stars, attractive two stars. No matter which kindergarten schoolbag you choose, the biggest purpose of customizing kindergarten schoolbags is to promote kindergarten brands. Kindergarten can print the kindergarten brand, kindergarten address and kindergarten slogan on the schoolbag, and then borrow the children to give the kindergarten brand a little more brand exposure, and the credibility is far greater than the kindergarten's surrounding advertisements, because children's practice is the best publicity for kindergartens.
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