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How to customize ice packs?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
Ice pack is a bag with constant temperature effect, which can keep cold/heat (Has warm in winter and cool in summer role) The thermal insulation layer of the product is super thick thermal insulation cotton, providing good thermal insulation effect; The product can be folded, easy to carry, very suitable for outdoor use. With the frequent outdoor activities of modern people, the utilization rate of ice packs is also increasing rapidly. Many enterprises are looking for ice pack manufacturers. In order to customize ice packs as promotional gifts, we should know before looking for manufacturers, how to customize the ice pack? How to customize ice packs? First of all, the selection of ice packs is the key. The general choice of ice pack is oxford cloth and nylon cloth. The advantages of these two materials are wear-resistant and durable, and they can't be broken for half a load after ten years of normal use. Oxford cloth and nylon cloth usually choose 420D, 600D, 1680D and other densities. The thicker the density, the longer the service life; In addition, it should be noted that the material of the ice pack should be waterproof. If Oxford cloth is to be waterproof, a layer of waterproof glue needs to be wiped on the material to achieve the waterproof effect. This should be focused on the ice pack manufacturer. How to customize ice packs? The second point of the ice pack is the internal structure. The appearance of the ice pack is usually very simple. The square design of a main bag is his appearance, but what you don't know is the importance of his internal structure. A good ice pack usually has pe cotton, Pearl cotton, sponge and other materials inside, so that it can resist shock and preserve heat. PE cotton is going to say aluminum foil again. This is a waterproof and reflective aluminum foil. Most of the aluminum foil is bright on one side and gray on the other. The food is made of superior tin foil, and the aluminum foil paper can wrap the food on both sides. The bright surface is included to improve the heat conduction effect and make the ice pack have more heat preservation effect. If you are worried that the tin foil can not meet your requirements, you can also add an active transparent PVC bag to the ice bag to better increase and care. Internal storage in addition to the main bag storage, but also according to the customer's opinion, inside the increase of the inner bag, slide bag, etc. The focus of ice pack customization is mainly to strengthen the two aspects of material and internal structure, and you can communicate with the ice pack customization manufacturers for the rest of the design. If you haven't chosen a manufacturer yet, please choose Xilong luggage manufacturer, which can provide free design proofing and is your customized partner for ice bags.
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