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How to customize high-end schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Now, the education industry has become one of the profitable markets, and its competitiveness is obvious to all. Therefore, every school should position the market, determine the service target and do strong brand promotion, and personalized schoolbag customization is one of the marketing methods of today's schools. Every family has a customized schoolbag, how should it be customized if it is a high-end customized schoolbag with high-end positioning? 1. Determine the hobbies of the target group. The people who customize high-end schoolbags are obviously positioned as noble schools. Then we must find out what noble children love and what noble parents pay attention. Generally speaking, as long as the schoolbag is made of cute cartoons or dynamic Superman, it can attract children's love, while facing parents, it should be in terms of material and design style, they all have to be stylish and noble, so that their parents' faces are bright and they are willing to let their children stay in this school. 2. Printing the brand characteristics of noble schools, the Dragon and Tiger fights in today's educational society, each has its own strange and has a loud brand. For a good brand, image design is very important, such as school-specific brand logo. However, many schools print slogans or school names on schoolbags, which makes many parents feel disgusted and feel that children living in schools with interests will be affected. Therefore, when designing the brand image of schoolbags, the school specific brand logo can be attached, which is both beautiful and can push the school brand. In general, the customization of high-end schoolbags is from the perspective of parents' taste and children's education, so that children can contact more connotative cultural qualities and parents can receive educational value beneficial to children, only do a good job of these, can really do a good job of high-end bag customization, push the school brand image.
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