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How to customize computer bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
In general, when we choose computer bags, we will choose computer bags with brands, and why do we have computer bags with brands. Today, we mainly talk about the material of the computer bag that we attach importance. Mainly from three aspects to explain the good computer bag material. Xilong luggage company has been doing backpacks for 11 years, and it is also a veteran cadre in this industry. I would like to share some experience with you. The key point of the fabric of the customized computer bag, according to the internal disclosure of the IT industry, the laptop manufacturer is in the procurement of supporting computer bags to control the cost is generally not more than 50 yuan, most of the choice of materials may be made of nylon containing impurities. This material is not only easy to break but also harmful to human body. Many imitations are commonly used. The computer bag is often made of nylon, and the nylon material computer bag is also divided into high and low nylon. At present, nylon commonly used in the market is 420D, 840D and 1680D, 420D is ordinary nylon, 840D and 1680D are called ballistic nylon, and the denser the material is wear-resistant, the hand feeling is smoother and more comfortable, and the waterproof performance and dustproof performance are also better, so the computer can be better protected by customizing the correct fabric. Second, the key point of customizing the buckle of the computer bag the buckle of the computer bag is a small detail that should be paid attention to on the shoulder computer bag, and it is very important to become a real backpack enthusiast to understand the performance of the shoulder computer bag, of course, we should attach great importance to the knowledge of fasteners. The commonly used buckles for shoulder computer bags are plug-in Buckles, Japanese buckles, ladder buckles, etc. These buckles have the same characteristics and basically have better toughness, heat resistance/water resistance/cold resistance and more impact resistance. The use of good quality shoulder computer bag buckle not only allows you to easily complete the loading action, strong movement stability and close-fitting, so the shoulder computer bag buckle is also an important section to determine the quality of the computer bag. Third, the key point of customizing the computer bag shoulder strap the computer bag is very critical whether it is a backpack, a shoulder bag or a bag strap. A good computer bag strap is made of the same pure nylon material as the car safety belt, supplemented by various breathable and cushioning materials, it also makes the shoulder and the shoulder strap have a breathable layer, which makes the user feel more comfortable when the backpack. If it is necessary to carry the computer bag for a long time, the monitor customizes the thick computer bag shoulder strap to better load. The shoulder strap hook is loose and so on. Fourth, the key points of customizing the computer bag webbing and zipper, and the customization of webbing and zipper is also very important for a computer bag. The webbing should be strong and thick, but at the same time it should be smooth. Try not to feel astringent when pulling, so that you can feel convenient and convenient in use. The quality of the zipper is poor. Not only does the chain head break and cannot be pulled up, but some zippers are easy to scratch the notebook computer. The zipper is preferably a waterproof zipper. There is no waterproof design, which is likely to cause the notebook computer to be damaged by moisture, however, there is no need to pursue too much. After all, the backpack is waterproof, and the rain cover can be effectively waterproof, except for the extreme environment. The best choice for custom zippers is YKK brand zippers. Five summary the above is the knowledge of choosing computer bag materials that Xilong has popularized for everyone. At present, the backpack market may not be able to judge the material. I believe that through the detailed introduction of the computer bag material above, the purchase of the computer bag can also be improved.
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