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How to customize briefcase gifts?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Briefcase is a symbol of a man's taste and identity; It also makes working women more elegant, and for enterprises to choose high-quality briefcases, whether as business gifts or employee gifts, it is important and considerate, so the quality of briefcase customization is quite important. First, briefcase is the symbol of identity briefcase is a business-type office supplies, choose briefcase more quality, his durable is to highlight the taste and identity, it must be said that the briefcase does not need complex colors, it also pursues the original pure color and simple style, the body is generous and soft, and the briefcase with the crossbody and the carrying belt makes it convenient to go out. Due to the popularity of notebook computers, the briefcase with professional computer layer is more popular among contemporary business people. Second, quality is the highlight of briefcase work is the second half of life, is the struggle time after the youth campus, and briefcase is an inseparable intimate partner, therefore, the selected fabric should be wear-resistant, tear-proof and waterproof, with high-end and elegant appearance and rich and strong performance, so that it can be used for a long time, the more popular ones are Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple fiber canvas, cowhide and leather, pu imitation leather and other fabrics. III. The best part of briefcase customization briefcase is one of the indispensable partners of business people. Enterprises choose briefcase as a gift customization, and giving away enterprise friends can increase mutual friendship and cooperation, giving away employees can make employees get attention and enhance their sense of belonging, which is because the enterprise meets the practical needs. However, due to the practicability of briefcase, let the briefcase printed with the brand logo get more brand exposure. This kind of publicity is more direct and profound than any advertisement, and the use time is longer and the publicity period is longer. Xilong luggage has more than ten years of experience in customizing luggage and gifts. It has cooperated with Coca-Cola, Baidu and TCL all the year round to customize all kinds of briefcase and business backpack gifts for it. Welcome to consult.
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