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How to clean the shoulder bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
Travel is an attitude of life and a way of decompression. This kind of aerobic activity makes modern people regard him as life. Their common daily necessities storage is shoulder travel bags, hygiene should be emphasized and backpacks should be taken good care of. We should learn how to clean shoulder bags. Generally speaking, the cleaning tool is a soft brush, the cleaning agent is bath lotion and shampoo, and the backpack used outdoors naturally needs water repellent to avoid encountering fake goods or the backpack itself has no waterproof effect. The following are the common cleaning situations of shoulder travel bags: 1. After a day of activities, the outdoor shoulder bag will naturally be stained with soil, dust or sweat. At this time, it is recommended that you first use a dry soft brush to remove the dust outside the backpack, and then rinse it with clear water. 2. During the break, if the shoulder bag is accidentally stained with oil, you can use bath lotion or shampoo instead. And rinse it clean, put it in the shade, wind and rain; Friends remember, be sure not to expose yourself to the sun; Because ultraviolet rays are easy to cause fiber hardening and embrittlement of shoulder travel bags. 3. After a few days of traveling, the shoulder travel bag is inevitably scratched. If the waterproof film on the surface of the backpack is damaged, please spray and maintain the backpack with a professional waterproof agent when the backpack is not completely dried, and spray the professional outdoor waterproof agent, after that, the anti-splashing function of the backpack will be the same as the new one! In addition, if you are cleaning at home, if you want to use machine washing, you must first check the washing label on the backpack and clean it according to the above label. If you do not find this label, you can determine the material of the backpack, most backpacks are canvas or nylon, both of which can be washed by a washing machine.
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