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How to Clean kindergarten children's schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
Kindergarten is the first school for children and a place for children to leave their parents for a long time. Kindergarten children are young children, fun and generally have no self-care ability, and have poor resistance. Therefore, when children come home from school, they should change their children into new clothes, and schoolbags are generally forgotten by parents but cannot be ignored, many netizens summed up the experience of cleaning up schoolbags, and parents might as well learn quickly. 1. The oil stain in children's schoolbags is cleaned up. Children always like to touch things when they eat. Without the company of their mothers in kindergarten, schoolbags are also difficult to escape. If the schoolbag is violated by oil pollution, there are two ways to solve it. 1. When cleaning, directly scrub the oil stain with detergent and other detergents. 2. Before cleaning, wipe the contaminated place with bleach and toothbrush, and then carry out routine treatment. (But the premise is that the bag will not fade) Pick up the children home after school 2. Stains on the surface of kindergarten schoolbags children always learn to write and draw in kindergarten, and then use schoolbags as a place to draw. At this time, the schoolbag should be cleaned at home again to give the child a clean and harmless schoolbag. 1. Soak in detergent for 6 minutes, or use washing powder, but only if it is non-black, red and other dark fabrics. 2. Soaked with 95% alcohol, the ink at the painting place can be treated normally with clear water after evaporation. In addition, in addition to regular cleaning, when the children go home every day, they should also wipe the schoolbag to drive away the bacteria so that the children can have a healthy and harmless schoolbag, have a healthy body. Xilong bags are customized to show you the healthy usage of schoolbags.
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