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How to choose the tablet bag correctly?

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
Generally speaking, if you decide to customize a tablet computer bag, you need to make your own love machine in advance. 'Measurements of Three Dimensions' Know its accurate length, width and height, and then choose to be prepared. 1. The biggest function of the tablet computer bag is waterproof and shockproof. The waterproof function here refers to the function of preventing water splashing, which refers to when traveling and traveling, the inner bag can effectively avoid the damage of rain, water vapor and so on to the tablet computer. Therefore, when customizing, we should see clearly what fabric is used, and the waterproof function should be waterproof fiber and diving material; Good anti-shock function generally uses low anti-repellent polyurethane, and the anti-shock liner can effectively reduce the damage caused by collision. This is the better the material determined by the material characteristics of the notebook liner bag, and the better the anti-shock effect. 2. The size must fit. The size of the tablet is different, not only the problem of widescreen, but also the size of the tablet designed by different manufacturers is different, and the actual size of the inner bag marked with the same size is also different, so finding the right size inner bag is one of the biggest problems for current tablet users. 3. Anti-wear: handsome boys and pretty girls who often use tablet computers all know that the beautiful shell of Yuanben tablet computer will show paint falling and scratches soon after use; This phenomenon is especially obvious at the two corners of the tablet computer. This is because I often take out and put my love machine from the bag during the process of using the tablet computer. If I only use outsourcing, it is easy to wear off the baking varnish on the edge part; If an inner bag is added, the problem will be solved. 4. The appearance is brand-friendly. Tablet computer bags are not only for function, but also for showing off. Many enterprises will choose Tablet computer bags as promotional gifts, and print the brand logo of the enterprise to promote the brand image of the enterprise. How to make customers willing to promote the brand computer bag of the enterprise, the best effect is to customize the computer bag.
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