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How to choose the right luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Whether it is a business trip or a trip, more and more people like to bring a luggage case. The trolley case has a large internal space, can place more daily items, and can be pulled on the ground, greatly reducing the burden. However, with the development of the luggage industry, there are more and more brands and styles of luggage case, which dazzles people. If you want to choose a luggage case that suits you, you need to learn some tips. How to choose the right luggage case? 1. If you often take a plane, it is recommended that you choose a luggage case that can be boarded under 20 inches or a luggage case with pull rods and wheels, this can reduce the damage of the pull rod and wheels of the luggage case due to consignment. 2, for the choice of the box, it is best to choose a rigid body luggage case, this kind of luggage case support strength, in the process of waiting for the car or waiting for a long time, you can also use it as a stool. 3. The wheels made of rubber are more wear-resistant and durable, and can also reduce the noise to the lowest point. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you choose a trolley case made of rubber. If you choose a gift luggage case and order a large number, you can also find a custom manufacturer of luggage case to design and produce a creative luggage case for you. Custom luggage case is the first choice for Xilong luggage customization manufacturer. We are an established luggage manufacturer. We can customize all kinds of gift bags with favorable quotation and reliable quality. You are satisfied with 100% bags!
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