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How to choose the quality of luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
Now whether we are on business, traveling, studying abroad, etc. , we cannot do without luggage case, which is also one of our necessary tools. As we all know, luggage case is divided into hard case and soft case. Hard case is generally made of synthetic materials. Soft case is generally made of waterproof and wear-resistant materials, while common materials on the market are divided: ABS, PC, PP, thermoplastic composite materials and so on, hard box is characterized by high temperature resistance and good wear resistance. How to choose the quality of the trolley case? The following starts with the frequently customized luggage case fabric: 1. ABS plastic, ABS luggage case this is now one of the latest materials, the main features: the material is light, flexible, rigid, and can accept a very large impact. Keep the items outside the trolley case from collision. 2. PC material, customized PC luggage case, the fabric has small density, good strength, rigidity, hardness and heat resistance. It can be said that it is much stronger than ABS material. It is the strongest in the box. The surface is lubricated and beautiful. The biggest feature is'Light'. 3. PU leather material, PU leather luggage case, is polyurethane, can also be called artificial leather. The toughness, air permeability and wear resistance of polyurethane are further strengthened after adding superfine fiber to PU leather. The defect is not wear-resistant, not strong enough, but the price is low. 4. Oxford cloth material, also known as Oxford spinning, was originally a colored fabric. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick drying, soft hand feeling, good hygroscopicity, comfortable wearing, etc. Oxford cloth is mostly interwoven with polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn, and adopts weft double flat or square flat structure. 5. Canvas material, the trolley case of this kind of cloth is a thick fabric woven with multiple strands, which has the characteristics of tight and thick, hard hand feeling, firm and wear-resistant. If the trolley case of the above 5 materials is customized, the quality of the trolley case can be measured according to the above characteristics. In addition, you can shake the entire luggage case to see if the pull rod function remains normal. Impact of luggage case to see if the luggage case is damaged; Shake the pull rod of the trolley case to see if there is 2MM shaking space. If there is, it is a good pull rod, because only with shaking space can the pull rod be pulled smoothly.
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