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How to choose the most suitable luggage case for your own use?

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
With the development of transportation and economy, tourism and going out have become very common things for people, and the trolley case that should be born has become the necessary equipment for travel nowadays, luggage case has become a must in people's daily life. So how to choose an ideal luggage case has become a problem that people should care about. How to choose the most suitable luggage case for your own use? Observe the surface material of the trolley case: smooth and smooth, no seams outside the design, no bubbling, no bare burrs. Check the various small accessories hardware of the trolley case: Although it is an inconspicuous accessory, it is easier to replace, but you should also pay attention to it. Check whether the trolley case pull lock is natural: Check whether the surrounding wires are tight and whether the joint with the bag is natural. Check whether the glue of the trolley case is strong: when buying the trolley case, be sure to try each part to see if the glue is strong. Especially for some more fashionable bags, because the style is good-looking and the decoration is excellent, it will attract people's attention, but if these decorations are not firmly bonded, it will lose its characteristics. Check the sewing process of the trolley case: whether the open line or the dark line is used when sewing the bag, pay attention to the length of the stitch should be uniform, and choose the bag without the exposed thread and the wrinkle, secondly, it is necessary to see whether the place of the cable head will cause the cracking of the bag. Check the hardware: it is the external decoration of the bag, and its function is to make the finishing point. When choosing a bag, the shape and workmanship of the hardware should be paid close attention to. If the hardware is golden, be sure to consult whether it is easy to fade. Bags with handles such as luggage case and cosmetic case should be paid more attention.
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