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How to choose the manufacturer of Shanghai luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
Shanghai is one of the economic center cities in China, and the exchange of gifts is indispensable in commercial exchanges. The category of luggage case has accounted for 300 billion market share in China every year, luggage case customization is a personalized gift customization that has become popular among enterprises and groups. Luggage case customization is a high-end gift. Customization requires correct shape and straight teeth; Upright and stable, no uneven, skew phenomenon. Leather fabrics shall not have obvious disability, artificial leather and synthetic leather fabrics shall not have obvious bumps and lumps, printing channels, and the main parts of textile fabrics shall not have defects such as broken warp, broken weft, jump yarn, etc. How to choose the manufacturer of Shanghai luggage case? How to choose the manufacturer of Shanghai luggage case? In the era of network development, every enterprise has its own customers in the country and even abroad, so Shanghai enterprises are not limited to looking for luggage manufacturers in Shanghai. Shanghai enterprises should select Shanghai trolley case manufacturers suitable for their own requirements according to the factory scale, customization experience, partners and other information. Xilong luggage is a luggage manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production, processing and sales. It has been focusing on enterprise group gift luggage customization for 12 years. Customized personalized luggage case gifts for TCL, CITIC Bank, Kehui medical and so on all the year round, is a Shanghai luggage case factory worthy of your trust.
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