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How to choose the fabric of cosmetic bag for promotional gifts?

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
In the travel season, the most choice for promotional gifts is cosmetic bags, not only because of their low cost, but also in the design of various styles, you can promote your brand image without hitting the model, and the style of the cosmetic bag depends more on the choice of material. The fabric of the cosmetic bag will also vary greatly in style, how to choose the fabric of cosmetic bag? Nylon cloth cosmetic bag nylon cloth cosmetic bag is strong and durable. As nylon material cosmetic bag is made of cloth, it can vary in style, has strong plasticity and can store a large amount. The common nylon cloth cosmetic bag also has waterproof effect, but there will also be price mobilization. Cotton cosmetic bag cotton cosmetic bag is diversified in style and colored in color. Cotton cosmetic bag is more of a fashion trend in style design and has many changes in fabric, it is generally suitable for industries with more sense of trend, such as cosmetics industry and female industry, and is more tolerant. PVC cosmetic bags PVC cosmetic bags are mostly transparent, with transparent colors, and can also be printed, but there are restrictions on the printing process. PVC cosmetic bags are generally fully open, semi-open and clamshell. The transparent type makes people have a look at the real thing, and the various openness makes it convenient to take things. PVC cosmetic bag itself does not leak water, so it is waterproof and suitable for travel promotion.
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