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How to choose the best promotional gifts for promotional activities?

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
Backpack is a must in travel. The natural travel industry occupies a part of the world where the consumer groups in the 11th small holiday are concentrated, and competition is naturally strong. If you are a tour group, you can choose a backpack to customize the logo of the tour group. The slogan is roughly' You are a backpack, the backpack is you, we are XX tour group, travel makes us one, and the team can be easily recovered', Put everyone's heart together to advertise. If you are not a tour group, you should do this more, because the 11th long vacation travel is a hot topic and one of the biggest demand points, and we should know more about grasping hot spots. The backpack gifts are divided into two different styles of backpacks according to the promotion purpose, target customer positioning and corporate brand/product image positioning. 1. Business-type backpack the target of business-type backpack selection is very obvious. They carry a mountain of documents and cross the workplace every day. They are professionals. Therefore, a solid and consistent business backpack is very important to them. If our target people are them, business backpack is the best choice, and business backpack also clearly shows that our enterprise serves the middle and high end, for example, partners such as automobiles and real estate always use business backpacks as promotional gifts. 2. Leisure backpacks are generally used for promotion because the products of enterprises are popular consumer goods, so the target masses are oversold, while leisure backpacks can just meet the daily needs of all the masses, during the May Day holiday, they can also accompany them to travel and play together, thus expanding the scope of publicity of our company's brand image. At present, it is close to August, and the promotion of the 11th is close. As the person in charge of the promotion activities of the enterprise, have you slowed down? Quickly contact Xilong customer service to explain your gift confusion, let Xilong bags help you work together!
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