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How to choose promotional gifts for new products on May Day?

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
The May Day of each year is the first big promotion scene of each year, and many companies will launch new products of the year on the promotion boom every year. The listing of new products is a test of the market, which means height and difficulty. Therefore, the development of a new product promotion theme is a top priority. The selection of new product promotional gifts has also become a major responsibility of the relevant procurement departments. Since it is a promotional gift for new products, promotional gifts naturally have to be flexibly selected according to the actual situation of new products. 1. The association with new products refers to the certain relevance or complementarity between the promotional gifts of the new products and the new products themselves, that is, consumers need or must have this gift before they can satisfy or better use the product. For example, it comes from the relevance of consumers, travel backpacks and wash bags during the May Day holiday, while products are complementary, such as buying air conditioners to send air conditioners, buying refrigerators to send fresh-keeping boxes, etc. The purpose of enterprises is to let consumers see that gifts are attracted, and when they see gifts, they will immediately think of new products, and their understanding of new products will be further understood. 2. Generally speaking, the role of promotional products can be divided into two types, one is to induce customers to buy repeatedly, and the other is to cater to customers' greedy habits and stimulate their buying impulse. However, the current consumers are mainly practical, and the connection with life is that the selected promotional gifts must have practical value, preferably easy to apply and do not need after-sales service. 3. Related to the enterprise, doing promotional activities will also be a big expense in the cost of the enterprise, so the promotion should not only realize the launch of new products, but also make consumers more aware of the enterprise, therefore, the current promotional gift customization is very popular. Promotional gift customization is a promotional gift designed according to the brand image of the enterprise and the self-conception of the enterprise, which is to clarify the image characteristics of the enterprise outward, even adding the brand logo of the Enterprise confirms that this brand feature is owned by our enterprise. Such promotional gifts can further recall the image of the enterprise and have the effect of spreading the product and brand image of the enterprise. Promotional gifts pay attention to the effect of equal price, which can meet the image characteristics of enterprises and the theme of products while reducing the cost of gifts. Customization of luggage promotional gifts is a good choice. Casual backpacks, small business satchels, wash bags and cosmetic bags for promotional gifts are the first choice for promotional gifts. The price is practical and can be customized in batches to promote the products and brand image of the enterprise, it can be equally compared with other customized promotional gifts.
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