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How to choose promotional gifts for May Day in 2015?

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
May Day is a national legal holiday and the first small holiday after the end of the Spring Festival. The arrival of Labor Day is also a time for merchants to have fierce Labor Day promotions. All kinds of promotional gifts are full of all kinds of promotional activities. But with so many promotional gifts, which are the most effective promotional gifts for May Day? 1. In line with the festival and customer activities, May Day is a national working people's holiday, so no matter which industry does the promotion, it will not be separated from the festival, but the promotional gifts are different. The promotional gifts for May Day must be selected according to the customer's activities in order to win the customer's favor. Generally, most people will choose to go shopping or travel during the May Day holiday. Choosing these two activities is the best gift choice. 2. Practicality and novelty coexist. Practicality is a problem that people must consider when buying goods today. This also makes customers feel that they spend a penny and get two products. And novelty can attract customers' attention in gifts. With the coming of Labor Day, enterprises can choose to customize backpacks as promotional gifts, which are considerate and practical for customers when traveling. A small backpack, the cost is not high, but it can be filled with all travel supplies during the three-day long vacation. Choosing customized backpack gifts is more conducive to enterprises to print their own brands, promote their own brand image through customers' travel, and also make customers have a deep impression on the enterprise in the future.
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