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How to choose outdoor cycling backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
Enterprises organize more and more outdoor activities, especially environmental-friendly cycling activities, which are more conducive to the development of public welfare for enterprises. With the frequent cycling activities, many employees want to have a backpack for riding, and many enterprises are looking for a backpack manufacturer to customize the backpack. How do you choose an outdoor backpack? 1. Carrying system: the backpack carrying system consists of a backboard, a shoulder strap, a chest strap and a waistband. The backboard is used to support the entire backpack. Good carrying can evenly disperse the gravity of the backpack. Shoulder straps, waist pads and chest straps play an important role in fixing. They must be adjustable. According to different personal shapes, different debugging can be carried out to better fix and reduce friction. In addition, the skin contact area between the shoulder strap and the inside of the belt should be soft and elastic, effectively changing the upper and lower friction of the upper shoulder strap or belt to elastic vibration. Not only does the chest strap need to be adjustable in length, but also its fixing point on the chest strap should be set to slide rail type to facilitate adjustment to a comfortable position for individuals. 2. Fabric. General riding bags are made of Pu coated nylon fabric ( For example: Pu coated 450D polyester, 210D nylon) , With waterproof, anti-dry knot, wear-resistant, anti-tearing and other effects. The fabric is the main determining factor for the durability of a backpack. I don't think everyone wants to meet the half of the donkey and the backpack is broken. 3, there is ventilation, ventilation and perspiration system design. When riding, the backpack is fully buckled on the back. If the back is not ventilated during riding, it will be quite uncomfortable if the sticky sweat covers the back. A mesh resin plate is added to the backpack to isolate the back from the bag. Ward's riding bag adopts 3D breathable mesh design on the inside of the shoulder strap and waist pad, giving air a flowing space and effectively keeping the contact parts of the body dry. Customizing a good outdoor cycling backpack can effectively enhance the enthusiasm of employees, and enterprises can also use the brand effect of outdoor cycling backpacks to promote the brand image of enterprises and make cycling activities more brand effect. Custom outdoor cycling backpack find Xilong luggage custom manufacturer, plan brand luggage custom plan for you, and create brand outdoor cycling backpack belonging to the enterprise.
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