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How to Choose luggage Rod for custom-made luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
The pull rod of the luggage is the soul of the luggage case and the luggage bag, so we should correctly understand how to choose the pull rod of the luggage case/bag? At present, the luggage pull rod is generally made of steel, and the general pull rod will be designed to protect the inside of the luggage. The current pull rod mainly has two sections and three sections. Generally, if there are no two sections, you can't meet your height. At this time, choose the pull rod to shake the pull rod and test whether it is loose, generally, as long as there is a little shaking and can be taken. Then there is the handle of the pull rod. The handle of the pull rod is generally made of plastic material whether it is a trolley case or a trolley bag, and the upper part will also have a smooth and comfortable effect. At the bottom of the handle, it is more intimate and designed as a finger-shaped handle, which is more comfortable to use. However, if the top of the handle of the pull rod is not designed with an automatic expansion button, it is difficult to fix the pull rod at a height, so this should also be paid great attention. The pull rod is the soul of the trolley case and the trolley bag, and is one of the main functional channels to reduce our burden. Therefore, the pull rod must be strictly selected to make our outdoor activities more safe.
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