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How to Choose luggage for business travel and leisure travel?

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
Different travel bags are suitable for different trips. Adventure tourism is not the same as general tourism. The traveling bags for walking on the streets of Hong Kong and enjoying a desert trip on a Hunchback are obviously different. Therefore, first of all, make clear your travel purpose-sports, entertainment, field activities or adventure tourism, and then select the applicable travel bag. The size of the travel bag is best placed under the seat, on the luggage rack of the plane or train. Travel bags can generally be divided into three categories: bags, backpacks and trolley bags. According to different occasions and needs, choose different types. For hiking or field activities, it is recommended to choose a backpack, which can free your hands, and you don't have to worry about the rough road in the field, and it will not affect the usual activities. However, if you are traveling on vacation, because you usually travel in the city and travel by means of transportation, it is recommended to choose a bag or a trolley bag, depending on how much luggage you have, less luggage to choose bags, not only easy to carry, but also very stylish; If you have a lot of luggage, then of course it is recommended that you choose the trolley bag. No matter how much luggage you have, you just need to pull it gently. When buying travel bags, you must choose businesses with high reputation and good quality, or have the guidance and advice of luggage professionals. The purpose of travel is different. Different types of travel purposes carry different things, including travel bags. During the journey, various situations are possible, therefore, the relevant things that need to be equipped also need to be different. Xilong Xiaobian comprehensively checked the information and divided the travel into four categories, according to the different four categories, it also analyzes how to carry travel bags for each category of travel: first, leisure travel: this kind of travelers mainly aim at relaxing mood, I hope to go to some quiet places with good scenery. This kind of travel can choose a delicate backpack, or a pull-rod travel bag is also a good choice. This kind of travelers choose travel bags mainly to consider fashion and look tasteful. Second, travel with tour groups: this kind of travelers usually follow tour groups to some scenic spots. If the time is long, they can choose a trolley travel bag with relatively large capacity, at the same time, it is also possible to bring a travel bag or a waist bag depending on the specific situation, because the tour group usually takes a long time and will stay in a hotel, and the places to go are generally scenic spots. III. Self-abuse travel: this kind of travel refers to self-help travel such as mountaineering and violent walking. At this time, a good quality backpack is needed to liberate both hands. The choice of travel backpack should start with three major requirements: a large capacity, self-abuse travel should have enough supplies, especially water, and the backpack capacity should not be too small; B The quality of the fabric should be wear-resistant. This kind of travelers often appear in the mountains, forests and other places, and it is easy to wear travel bags; C carrying the system, a good carrying system is comfortable to carry, and there will be no extra burden in the process of traveling. IV. Theme travel: this kind of travelers have their own characteristics. Here I mainly refer to photography enthusiasts. Photography theme travel is becoming more and more popular in China. This kind of traveler is suitable to choose a backpack with a large capacity, because it needs to bring some photographic equipment. At the same time, the backpack can free your hands and enjoy the fun of photography freely. This kind of choice travel bag is basically similar to the choice of the first category. No matter what kind of travel, according to your travel purpose, choose the right travel bag from the aspects of style, function and product quality, which can not only make your travel unimpeded, can also receive a lot of wonderful souvenirs that make you enjoy endless aftertaste, kill two birds with one stone, why not? Of course, your travel business activities are very frequent. Maybe you can suggest your travel team, travel agency or company to find a professional luggage manufacturer to customize a special luggage according to their own functional structure, in this way, no matter from the style, color, function and price, we can meet the practical requirements as much as possible, and add a scenery on our shoulders.
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