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How to choose handles for custom-made aluminum boxes?

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
The aluminum box is made with a good match, which can improve the overall grade of the aluminum box. Therefore, when customizing the aluminum box, the handle also needs to choose the right style. First of all, let's talk about the color: Generally speaking, custom-made aluminum box handles will use the same color as the box. For example, commonly used silver, black. If you want to be more conspicuous, you can contrast color, black box with silver handle. According to many years of experience in aluminum case customization of Xilong luggage customization factory, the commonly used styles of handles include silver-black mixture, pure silver color, pure black color, etc. Secondly, the surface treatment method of aluminum box handle is also very exquisite. Pure plastic handles do not have to worry about scratching and fading, but silver-plated ones are not necessarily the same. This can be scraped with nails and can be easily tested. However, in terms of quality, plastic handles are definitely not as good as aluminum alloy hands. Finally, the aluminum box handle is for the convenience of carrying the box, so the degree of firmness must be guaranteed. In terms of material, steel handles are the most stable and are generally used on larger aluminum boxes; The plastic handle is not strong in load-bearing and is used for small aluminum boxes. There is no doubt that the bigger the handle, the stronger it is.
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