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How to choose good accessories for custom luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
Most of the custom-made luggage case is a gift for employees and customers, and it is also a token of the enterprise. The quality is naturally not inferior, and the custom-made luggage case is not only made of the outer layer of material, the matching of luggage case accessories determines the grade and service life of a luggage case. How to choose good accessories for customized luggage case? 1. The pull rod of the customized trolley case the pull rod of the trolley case is equivalent to the paddle, and the good pull rod can be freely stretched and pulled. The material of the pull rod is usually steel, aluminum alloy, etc. , usually 2- 4 cut, according to the weight and size of the box to determine the number of cuts of the pull rod, generally the larger the less cut, in order to pull the body. When customizing the pull rod of the trolley case, you should choose the built-in steel/all-aluminum, which is lighter and strong and heavy. On the contrary, it will be horrible. In addition, the button of the pull rod should also be tested for humanization. If it is easy to go up and down after pressing, it is a good pull rod. 2. Customize the roller of the trolley case. The wheel is the foot. You must have feet to walk. The roller of the trolley case is generally made of rubber material, which is wear-resistant and shock-absorbing. The better the material, the smaller the noise. There are built-in rollers, on the contrary, there are external rollers. The built-in roller generally refers to the one-way wheel. The advantage is that it is wear-resistant and durable, can withstand the impact of the consignment, handling, etc. The disadvantage is that it cannot automatically change the direction, but it is also a benefit, at least on the bus on the subway, it can stand up, not running around like a kid. The external roller is a universal wheel. The universal wheel has a small voice and a fast speed. It can change the direction freely, and it is like a wind and stands like a pine. Just don't fall, the bus is like chewing and showing off, can't stop running around, unless trapped (Tied). 3. The opening of the customized luggage case, the opening of the customized luggage case can choose the zipper opening or the high-grade aluminum alloy opening. The opening of aluminum alloy is beautiful and fashionable, and there are exaggerated statements that it is invulnerable and indestructible in the folk, but it is also because his safety is much higher than that of zipper, and the natural price is twice as high as that of zipper, its shortcomings are heavy, so the hero does not do the Porter of the luggage case, choose the zipper luggage case. The zipper trolley case is customized to connect the zipper of the upper and lower boxes. The zipper opening is not limited to the material of the trolley case. It can be cowhide but nylon, soft and hard, good quality zipper can also have a long life and a better safety. The zipper can choose monorail zipper and double-track zipper, and the double-track zipper can prevent theft and explosion. 4. Customized luggage case password lock customized luggage case password lock can be built in and external, external is to buy a lock, built-in is divided into'000' Code lock and aluminum alloy code lock, aluminum alloy code lock is embedded in the aluminum opening, the natural security is also 80% defensive. In addition, there is a red hexagonal pattern on the combination lock, which is called Customs lock and also known as TSA authentication lock. It refers to the lock used with the universal TSA special key used by international customs. This kind of key is only available in customs and is not provided by manufacturers. Generally, when going abroad, it is recommended to choose a password lock with the logo. Four powerful trolley case accessories determine the life of the trolley case. Customizing the trolley case selection of these four accessories will definitely make your trolley case live for a long time, and let the promotion and brand go deep into the hearts of users, go deep into the circle of friends of users and do the longest and best promotion and public praise.
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