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How to choose gift backpack customization manufacturers?

by:Xilong      2020-03-04
In today's popular personalized customization, major domestic luggage factories have launched personalized luggage customization services, forming a certain competitive advantage in the market. However, in the face of a wide variety of luggage manufacturers, how should the customizer choose the manufacturer? Let's listen to what Xilong luggage manufacturers say. 1. Look at the scale of the factory. The professional luggage customization factory should have a product design team, a luggage research and development team and a sales team, integrated to provide customers with personalized luggage design services, product proofing services and full follow-up services, early from the design and product proofing, we can judge the manufacturer's luggage customization strength. In addition, many small workshops and small manufacturers will ask third-party companies to design/make goods, and the time will be particularly long. If you want to find a professional luggage manufacturer, when working with them, you can ask them in advance about their design time and delivery time. The design time of professional manufacturers is generally 1-3 days (Calculated by difficulty), Shipping time is 15-Within 25 days. 2. Inspect the proofing ability of the factory, and the proofing process is relatively complicated. Among them, the design style, material selection, printing and sewing all test the strength of the factory, the luggage products produced by luggage manufacturers with good proofing ability can be recognized and liked by customers. How can proofing ability directly reflect the professionalism of luggage manufacturers? Therefore, if you want to see the strength of this manufacturer, it is the most practical to let the manufacturer make a sample directly. 3. Pay attention to the production process of backpack manufacturers. High-quality backpack manufacturers often have perfect production processes so as to better control the quality of backpacks. If conditions permit, it is recommended to inspect the production process of the backpack manufacturer to identify the qualifications of the manufacturer. Choose Xilong bags for custom bags. Xilong luggage is a Xiamen luggage manufacturer that has been operating for more than ten years and is committed to becoming the first brand of gift luggage customization. For a long time, Xilong luggage has been focusing on research and development and design, constantly innovating products and serving many well-known enterprises, such as Ganji, Baidu, China Post and Mengniu, which is your trustworthy choice!
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