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How to Choose enterprise summer promotional gifts?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
Summer is the promotion season for the second half of the year. Merchants are already ready to go. What kind of promotional gifts should enterprises choose in the summer promotion season? How to Choose enterprise summer promotional gifts? 1. Travel folding bag, travel folding bag is a must-have travel supplies for travel, easy to store travel toiletries, because only travel activities will be used, so the market is not high for price positioning, 10- Between 20 will be a good travel folding bag. However, the Xilong luggage customization manufacturer reminds that the travel folding bag is simple due to its simple process. If it is customized as a promotional gift, the quantity requirement is very large. It is recommended to use it in large shopping malls and large-scale promotional activities, the most cost-saving and effective. 2. Travel Backpack, travel backpack is a necessary thing outside the body during travel, a tool to help us store clothes and food, and a well-done backpack is also one of our face representatives. Therefore, enterprises that choose traveling backpacks should first determine the consumer group objects. If the group objects are only ordinary people, they can choose simple and affordable leisure backpacks; If the group object is tasteful people, they should choose fashionable travel backpacks. 3. Travel luggage case travel luggage case is the most advanced luggage gift, and its price in the market will be higher than that of ordinary luggage products, whether it is functional storage or beautiful appearance, it will be more fashionable and practical than other bags. Usually, enterprises will not choose luggage case because the amount of customization is not large and the cost is high. Choosing luggage case as promotional gifts is often a high-capital financial industry, real estate and automobile industry, with high-end luggage gifts to show their product positioning.
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