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How to choose customized welfare products for employees?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
Nowadays, in order to thank the employees for their hard work and mobilize their enthusiasm, many companies have begun to distribute some welfare products to their employees. Benefits sent in the form of gifts have been valued by more and more enterprises and employees. Enterprises are most concerned about the rate of return on gift investment, while employees are concerned about the applicability of benefits (Including material applicability and spiritual applicability). However, on the premise of a certain budget, to achieve a win-win effect for enterprises and employees, enterprises must find ways to enhance the value of this gift in the hearts of employees, that is to improve the spiritual applicability of welfare. How to choose customized welfare products for employees? 1. Take what you need. Before deciding what gifts to give as benefits, if employees can participate and put forward their own needs, employees will feel that these gifts are their own choices and can produce high satisfaction. Enterprises should summarize and screen various demands put forward by employees and make trade-offs within a certain budget. 2, tailor-made, that is to say, What gifts do employees need, enterprises will send gifts needed by employees when distributing benefits. If it cannot be used by employees, no matter how high the gifts are, they will inevitably be left out. 3, timely help, enterprises should learn to observe the actual situation of employees, in the distribution of benefits to choose the most practical gifts they need. For example, if most employees take their own meals far away from work, they can consider choosing'Ice Pack' If you often have to travel, choose'Briefcase' , Often like to go to outdoor activities, choose'Leisure backpack'----- Only in this way can employees feel more about the real care of the enterprise for them by selecting welfare products in a targeted way. Today, we recommend some better year-end welfare products for you. If you need to customize employee welfare products recently, please call 400-0061- 690 more luggage topics'Sweep and pay attention'
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