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How to choose a waterproof cosmetic bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
The cosmetic bag is a kit specially for storing cosmetics, so there are not only storage function requirements but also material requirements for the functional requirements of the cosmetic bag. Waterproof cosmetic bag is a market trend, how to choose a waterproof cosmetic bag? How to choose a waterproof cosmetic bag? 1. There are many types of cosmetic bag materials to choose from cosmetic bag materials, such as transparent PVC cosmetic bag, color PVC cosmetic bag and hard EVA cosmetic bag, all of which are non-permeable cosmetic bag materials and can be variable in appearance, fashionable and novel style, suitable for promotional gifts and business gifts. 2. From the design of cosmetic bags, the design of cosmetic bags should be changed. Generally, nylon, canvas, polyester and other cloth cosmetic bags should be processed with waterproof membrane to better have waterproof function. Because of the durability of nylon material and its waterproof effect, waterproof nylon cosmetic bags are the types of cosmetic bags commonly used in the market. Waterproof cosmetic bags are often used as promotional gifts during the travel season. Xilong bags suggest that if enterprises want to choose waterproof cosmetic bags, they should actively test them on cloth cosmetic bags to prevent them from being cheated by manufacturers.
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