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How to choose a waist bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
Waist bags are small bags that are common to both men and women and are popular. They are usually used in leisure travel. The average number of people used is men, accounting for 70%. Because the waist bag is small and practical, the waist bag has a high rate of customization in the customized industry, and how to choose the waist bag correctly in the customized waist bag? Select the waist bag first on the material of the waist bag. The waist pack is an outdoor activity product, and it is inevitable that it will easily be scratched and stained with dust. Therefore, the custom-made waist bag should be waterproof and wear-resistant, and can withstand the wear of the branch Wall and the rain. Bullying'. Second, the belt is customized. The waist bag is buckled at the waist, the good belt does not tighten the waist, and is breathable and durable, and anti-aging; In the matching adjustment system, the belt size can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the waist circumference. The third is the storage function. Small waist bags are less than 3 liters, medium waist bags are 3 liters-10 liters, large waist pack is more than 10 liters. The waist is cartilage, so choose the weight that the waist can bear to avoid hurting the waist.
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