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How to choose a school bag for primary school students?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
8090 think of schoolbags, basically think of backpacks, especially in primary school. But now the children of 00, the choice of school bags has been a kind of pull-rod bag, and it is very popular. However, in the face of this new technological development item, how should Primary school students choose the right trolley bag? 1. The selection of the pull rod the pull rod selection of the pull rod for the school bag consists of two elements: 1. The quality of the pull rod and the quality of the pull rod determine the service life of the pull rod schoolbag. When choosing the pull rod, shake the pull rod, if it can shake left and right 0. The feeling of 01 M, and the upper and lower telescopic rods can be convenient, the texture is good. 2. The section layer of the pull rod refers to the length of the pull rod, usually in primary school children, 7-Two sections are enough for the 9-year-old, and 10- At the age of 12, choose a three-section and a larger pull-rod bag to store more items and look generous. 2. The selection of wheels the trolley bag is actually the same as the trolley case. The wheel is also a very important part, but the difference is that the trolley bag only has a one-way wheel design. The one-way wheel should be strong, wear-resistant and silent, allowing children to drive to any ground. In addition, the wheels of the pull rod schoolbag should be at the bottom, and the bottom will be set as PVC board, etc. to ensure that the wheels are separated from the inside of the schoolbag and do not affect the storage of the schoolbag. The above are two important points about the difference between primary school students' choice of trolley schoolbags and ordinary schoolbags. If the school wants to customize the trolley bag, it can strictly check with reference to such quality requirements to ensure that each bag representing the school is a brand propaganda material of excellent quality.
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