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How to choose a mountaineering bag customization manufacturer?

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
Mountaineering bag is a more complicated backpack and can also become an outdoor tool backpack. The professional existence of mountaineering bags is to provide better travel convenience for travelers. In recent years, many tour groups have also been customized as signs of tour groups. Due to the professional requirements of mountaineering bags, there are not many customized manufacturers that can really make mountaineering bags well. If you encounter the custom procurement of mountaineering bags, how to correctly choose the custom manufacturer of mountaineering bags? The important requirement of mountaineering bag is to carry the system, which consists of three belts (Belt, chest strap and shoulder strap), Two buckles (Shoulder strap telescopic buckle, D-type multi-purpose Buckle (Hang whistle, kettle, etc)) , Thickened waist protector, rain cover hidden bag and belt smoothly and quickly adjust the key components of the system. If you want to find a mountaineering bag customization manufacturer, first of all, make samples according to your requirements, check whether there are key requirements covered by the system, and then look at the size of the customization manufacturer, from the size of the factory, the number of employees and the use of luggage machines, we can infer whether large quantities of quality goods can be customized in batches. Xilong luggage customization factory professional luggage category customization for more than ten years, the factory is located in Dongguan, the luggage base. Mountaineering bag is the main bag of Xilong luggage, which can customize built-in skeleton bag, skeleton plus backpack and soft backpack, and has its own luggage design team, you can personalize the design and customize the brand logo backpack that is most suitable for your team.
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