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How to choose a good travel bag for Spring Festival travel?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
During the Spring Festival, many people plan to take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to travel, and more people choose to go home for the new year. Travel bags are essential for Spring Festival travel. Xilong luggage manufacturer's travel bag is definitely a good choice for you to travel during the Spring Festival! If the traveling bag is not strong enough and breaks down halfway, it will be in trouble if you are angry with the interest of traveling! Spring Festival travel to choose a good travel bag, from the perspective of safety, anti-extrusion, waterproof and so on, one can not be less. Safety: safety not only refers to the durability of the material of the bag, but also refers to the durability of the parts including the handle, the pull rod, the pulley, etc. Because most travelers use luggage in the way of pulling, if there are quality problems with pulleys, pull rods or handles, it is inevitable to cast an unpleasant shadow over the journey. Universal wheel: many brand bags are equipped with universal wheels, which can be pushed and translated horizontally. Compared with two-wheel bags, they can only pull and slide unilaterally, and universal wheels are relatively more convenient to use. When trying out, know whether the walking wheel of the luggage is flexible to rotate, and try to buy pulleys with bearings. Internal compartment: whether there is a clear layering inside the bag, such as dry and wet layering, folding clothing bag, hanging zipper bag, document storage, notebook computer bag and other areas, users choose products with obvious intervals according to personal needs. Material of pull rod: pull rod is as important as Pulley. If the pull rod is disjointed during the journey, it is really enough. At present, the big brand pull rods are mainly made of lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum alloy, and some products also have 360Rotary handle design. Code lock: there are various forms of code locks. In addition to the fixed code lock, if you can match a cable lock password to lock all the zippers on the outside of the bag, you can ensure the safety of the contents of the bag. In addition, users who purchase external security locks can choose TSA luggage password locks, and airport security personnel can use special tools to open this type of password locks without damaging the locks. Protection performance: Waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-scratch, anti-fouling. . . . . . High-end bags are becoming more and more like Transformers. For users who often cross the ocean or travel long distances, it is recommended to buy products with excellent anti-collision effect when buying large-size bags. It should be known that bags are often treated roughly during the shipping process, if you want the items in the luggage to be intact, hard luggage is the first choice. For short trips, anti-fouling and waterproof soft bags are more suitable. In addition to small size, it can be taken on the plane, and it is free from the trouble of consignment. This kind of bag can also be equipped with an external computer bag, which is also very convenient to use. Size: mainstream bags mainly include 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches and 30 inches. The Civil Aviation Administration of China stipulates that the weight of personal checked baggage cannot exceed 50 kilograms, and the volume cannot exceed 40×60 × 100, more than the above provisions of the baggage, must obtain the prior consent of the airline to check. The weight of self-care luggage should not exceed 10 kg, and the volume of each piece should not exceed 20×40 ×55 cm. Warranty Period: different brands have different warranty policies, global warranty or lifetime warranty? These need to be understood clearly. In addition, most luggage companies are not responsible for the warranty for the damage caused by the airline, and users should claim compensation from the airline.
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