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How to choose a factory that produces waterproof backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
The backpack is practical and very grounded, but it is an eye-catching ornament and an indispensable travel necessity. Backpack is deeply loved by people and has become one of the choices of corporate gifts. Enterprises can customize personalized backpacks, which can be sent to customers and used as employee welfare gifts. However, enterprises should find regular manufacturers to customize backpacks to ensure the quality of backpacks. At present, domestic professional backpack factories are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Hebei and Zhejiang, which have become famous luggage production bases in the country. Factories in different places have different characteristics and advantages. Due to its relatively low labor cost, Hebei factories offer cheap bags and suitcases, but most of them are small workshops with poor production technology and quality. Most of Guangdong factories have long operation time, good production technology and perfect quality control system, but the quotation is relatively high. When looking for a factory to customize the production of waterproof backpack, you should make a comprehensive comparison with the manufacturer's data according to your own needs. Generally speaking, it is best for enterprises to find a factory that can provide personalized customization services. Some factories do not have a version of the room and R & D team, can not be customized to produce backpacks, but can not design and produce backpacks according to customer needs, but always exaggerate the propaganda, like to mislead customers. Therefore, when choosing a backpack factory, you must polish your eyes, carefully understand the real service and brand reputation of the manufacturer, and avoid encountering the factory of the pit. Xilong luggage is a factory specializing in customizing waterproof backpacks. Founded in 2004, it has served many well-known enterprises and formed a good reputation in the industry, moreover, it has a group of engineers and production personnel who are full of vitality and have nearly 20 years of experience, and builds a professional design and production team. It is a trustworthy backpack factory.
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